Train Surfers

Run-Try Train Surfers, an endless running game in which you must run as quickly as you can! Train Surfing is a fantastic jogging game for everyone who likes to run. You know how it is in street life to run through the turmoil of intricate traffic and flee from the cops? To avoid striking barriers, barrier buses, and trains, swipe to turn or use the direction buttons or WASD to go up, left, down, and right, or use the space bar to hop, jump, and slide. 

Enjoy a thrilling ride on the Bus 3D, gather coins, and purchase upgrades. Unlock new characters and test your endurance! Starting immediately, embark on an underground city trip down the tracks, and surf with your buddies. Run like hell and push yourself to your limits. Train Surfing must be a lot of fun to play. Start your Run - Train Surfing right now and join the most spectacular sprint.

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Controls: Jump, left, down/slide, and right are all controlled by the W A S D/Directional keys. To leap, press the Space Bar.