The Runaway Cats

The objective of the difficult puzzle game The Runaway Cats is to capture the cat. You must carefully choose the trap to install since cats are intelligent animals who are aware of their escape routes. A solution to this puzzle involves narrowing the corridor and denying the cat access to the exit. The cat moves on to the next tile whenever you select one, until she is caught in a trap. You must stop the cat from leaving the maze by blocking the exit with obstacles, since she will attempt to do so whenever she has a chance. Besides, many interesting games are available for free on our site. Feel free to play. Some of the best options are Hatching Nursery and Urban Stack at ABCya online games

Instruction: Point and click Use your brain skills to predict which path is the best place to catch the cat. Get assistance from the MIGHTY BOOSTERS, who are playing the role of obstacles. Cats are sneaky, but they can’t resist our obstacles, who are adapted to the cats' weaknesses. Watch out! Because our CATS have different INTELLECT and personalities, it is impossible to predict how to catch the cat.