Slimoban 2


Slimoban 2 on Abcya online is the follow-up to Slimoban, a Sokoban-inspired game about a young girl and her adventures in a dungeon filled with large and hazardous slimes. You must gather the golden coin, escape from the slimes, and destroy them if feasible in each level. The girl has the ability to collect magical potions that aid in the lifting of large wooden blocks and slimes. After lifting the blocks or slimes, you must position them in the appropriate locations. There is also water in the game, which you may use to dump items into. Blocks can be moved, collected, and dropped. You must also entice the slimes into the trap, stuff them with boxes, then push them into the water. However, none of these activities are required, the main thing you need to do to pass the level is to collect the coin.

This game is fun but hard. Face the challenge and you will get an achievement. Stay safe, keep enjoying and discover other tittles such as Sweet Candy Boom and Car Park Puzzle