Robbers In The House

Play Robbers In The House hot shooting game for free on Abcya. A gang of very dangerous and daring criminals has long terrorized wealthy individuals; they robbed homes and cleaned out many banks. They act fast and boldly, eliminating guards and unneeded witnesses. Their long could not capture, but there was suddenly information that the robbers were planning to climb the central museum and take a precious treasure - a royal crown studded with a huge scale ruby.

The robbers encircled the building and offered to surrender, but they absolutely refused. Begin the Robbers in the House operation. Because the bandits' hostages lacked, all entrances and exits were sealed, and you, as a sniper, were commanded to eliminate the robbers. You won't be able to see anything through the wall, even if you have perfect vision, so you'll have to wait until the figures in black masks appear on the background of lit windows. They will peek out the window as they try to locate a way out. Good luck on

This is an interesting game and it's not simple as it seems to be. it requires you to observe and think. Enjoy and be ready for other challenges in Zombie Squad and