Pandjohng Solitaire

You need to go through all 80 levels to free all 80 pandas. Use jokers and bonuses to simplify the process. In addition to the usual jokers in the game, there are jokers for each suit. If you click on the pandas, you will get some points and a strike bonus. Have fun and if you have free time, why don’t you explore other games such as Transport Wavy Jigsaw and Fruit Blocks Puzzles at ?

Instructions: You have to draw cards one at a time from your stockpile. Select the cards that are one higher or one lower in value than your drawn card to remove it from the playing field. To complete a level, you need to remove all the cards from the playing field without running out of cards from your stockpile. Cards are available according to mahjong rules. That is, if there are no cards on top and at the same time on the right and on the left, then the card is available.