Pac Man

Isn't there nothing like a good old-fashioned Pacman game? Pac Man, a popular arcade game, was transferred to the NES in 1988, and you can play it right now. Have you ever played before?! What?! To complete a stage, eat all of the pellets while attempting to score as many points as possible by eating fruit and ghosts along the route. There's more, though! Have you ever wondered how Pacman got his start? Check out the Pacman timeline below to learn more about the game's origins. on Abcya online is a hybrid game that combines the original pac-man with the game. You begin as Pac-Man and must consume coins and other players who are smaller than you in order to grow larger. If this IO game impresses you, share it with your friends to play together. Besides, your comments play an important role in upgrading our website. Have fun with more great games as on