Idle Startup Tycoon

In this idle simulation game, you may build a startup company and become a high-tech millionaire tycoon. Launch a food delivery O2O app, a mobile gaming firm, a ridesharing app, a livestreaming app, an Internet of Things (IoT) venture, infosec, drones, AI, and, of course, a suborbital space tourism start-up. In a stylish coworking space, code a startup concept. It should be moved to the cloud servers. 

Then, in order to gain money, provide it to the Sales Managers. Improve the efficiency of your cash collection at several important locations. Are you too exhausted to click? To automate your duties, hire knowledgeable, well-dressed management. Earn cash from your various start-up enterprises while you sleep. Attract investors to invest in your start-ups and earn handsomely. Did we mention that he's a high-tech billionaire? We don't mean billionaires; we mean trillionaires, because this is a genuine game.

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Controls: Then create and expand your entrepreneurial empire.