Family Farm

Greetings from the Family Farm! Plant and produce crops to expand your farm. To begin with, you must have a ready-to-plant plot. Spend your money on it. Then go to the store and purchase a seed to put on the plot. When the manufacturing time is up, collect the profit. You can sell a crop and use the proceeds to sow another. You can also improve the crops' production by upgrading them. Enjoy the game, and let's all work together to become true farmers!

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Controls: To purchase a plot, click the "shovel" button and select one. To sell crops, click the "dollar symbol" button. To increase productivity, click the "leaf" button. In the shop, you may purchase seeds and other unique products. To gather gold, click on the crops once the production timer has expired. To visit the fortunate wheel and spin for rewards, click the "gift" button. Every day, come back to the game to win a daily prize (an extra spin).