Fall Beans

Fall Beans (Ultimate Knockdown Guys) on Abcya games is a competitive multiplayer racing game with moving obstacles. In battle-royale-style gameplay, speed your way to the finish line while racing fiercely against a mob of opponents. Choose the quickest path to victory by timing your movements around obstacles!

Fall Beans is a multiplayer game inspired by Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout that is available for free. You can race against your buddies in large multiplayer arenas or in a password-protected game area. There are several levels with traps such as falling floors and shifting walls. Emojis and dancing moves can be used to communicate your feelings to other players.

Use arrow keys to move and space key to jump on desktop. Use on screen controllers to control on mobile. In addition, you can explore other new games like NIGHTPOINTio. Unlock all levels and win with the highest score. Have enjoy on https://abcya.win/.