Escape from Aztec

Abcya game's Action Games category has now gotten even better than it already was, thanks to a game like Escape from Aztec, a runner game and collection game we are very happy to have added here today for you all to enjoy, because we have no doubt that you will enjoy it as much as we do, and it is slowly but steadily becoming one of our website's most popular games. We'll now utilize the rest of the explanation to describe how the game works, and you should be able to give it your all with ease!

On your forward run, use the right and left arrow keys to change lanes, and the up arrow key to jump over obstacles, and use the down arrow key to slide under them. You decide out the best plan of action for each obstacle since you need to keep going because if you hit one, your run will come to an end and you'll have to start over. On your run, try to gather as many coins as you can, since the more you get, the higher your score will be, and we're sure you're all seeking a high score, aren't you? Have fun, and enjoy this right now, only here -

The game is available for all kids and it's so easy to control that even new-comers can enjoy it. Let yourself have some fun with more choices from our exclusive collection such as Hungry Shark Arena or Zombie Squad