City War 3D

Train your brain to devise creative strategies for defeating foes while maintaining a positive attitude. City War 3D on Abcya games is a real-time strategy game that is abstracted, essentialized, and simplified. Features Unique gameplay with nicely crafted stages, stylized visuals, and colors that are appropriate for both children and adults. The cartoon-style visuals add to the game's relaxed and humorous atmosphere.In the future, we'd like to introduce chibi and anime-style characters. Several themes are available, including forest, ice, and mountain themes, as well as beach and desert themes, as well as candy, garden, and block themes. Transition from an easy to a complex level to improve your strategic, reasoning, and thinking abilities. 

Play in your own language: City War 3D on Abcya is available in all major languages, allowing you to play in your own language. To improve your gaming experience, we are constantly adding more languages to the game. City War 3D is a fast-paced, hyper-offline strategy game. Simply pick your houses and dispatch troops to take the enemy's. Capture all of the homes to win the level. This game will not only pass the time but also improve your strategic and logical abilities. There are thousands of levels to play through. Note for both children and adults: This game is appropriate for both children and adults.

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Controls: Drag the mouse over it to dispatch the army and capture the opposite home.