Castle Keeper

You are the only one who can fend off the approaching waves of the enemy and save the fortress. Use your archery abilities to shoot at the soldiers, and for further damage, toss ladders or fire barrels. You may engage in thrilling fights in the Castle Keeper. Ready to give it a try? -Block waves of enemy strikes! -Strengthen and improve your hero by upgrading him or her! -Visit a variety of planets -Take on terrifying bosses -Protect your fortress! Have a great experience and make sure you check out other games because so many awesome options to discover such as Crazy Monster Shooter and Huggy Love and Rescue at

Instruction: The main goal of the game is to protect the castle. You need to upgrade your character to be stronger than the invaders. After passing all the waves, your hero will be sent to defend the other castle, where you will learn new skills and become even stronger.