Block Slide Fall Down

You may enjoy Unblock: Sliding Block Puzzle with ease thanks to the simple rules and one-finger control. But don't overlook this tiny block board game; it's a formidable foe to overcome. Plan your moves carefully, move the block as little as possible, and earn all three stars. Don't rush; keep your thoughts flowing, and once the path is obvious, you'll be satisfied. As you progress through the red blocks, your abilities will gradually increase, and you will develop a healthy habit.

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Instructions: HOW TO PLAY UNBLOCK SLIDE PUZZLE: - Move the block freely aligning with its direction on the board - as long as there is nothing blocking their way. - Unblock - Clear the way to get the red block out. - Try to move the block in the least amount as possible to get all three stars. - Don't be rush! Ponder your move, savor the flow of your thoughts, and try again as many times as you like. - If you get stuck, don't be too stressed! Use hints to get the solution and be mind blown.